LaToya "Jirah" Spence

Founder and Instructor 


Jirah, February 2020, age 36

in her sewing space/office

Getting a new sewing machine can be both exciting and overwhelming...

First, you think of all of the amazing things you'll create with it, but then you start to think of all the things you'll have to learn.

(insert stressed out emoji here)

Maybe this isn't you but it, sure enough, was me when I got my first sewing machine at the age of 12.

Maybe you haven't gotten a sewing machine yet due to having no clue which one to get. Moreover, perhaps you're not even sure you want to invest in one just yet because you don't know if you'll be good at it or like it.

No one wants to buy something of that value, only to later have it sitting in a dark corner collecting dust. No ma'am!

Either way it goes, I can relate and I'm here to help. This company was created mostly to help others learn how to do things for themselves.

Now perhaps none of that relates to you being that you've mastered your sewing machine and you've sewn a few basic things already



what about that Winter coat pattern that has been tucked away for months because you took one glance at the pattern instructions and was like " Nah, I'm good." 

Listen, I've been there too. I remember my earlier days of first attempting to use patterns. I was like, "What in the gibberish is going on here!" 

I was so confused, but I stuck with it until I figured it out. Now, I can assist others in understanding patterns, just like I helped my former student Lissamarie.

You can see her pictured here proudly modeling a coat that I taught her how to create from a pattern. She came to me wanting to learn how to sew and prepare for Fashion School. She did just that! Now she is furthering her education in Fashion Design at College and loving it.


Former student Lissamarie modeling her

self-made coat, 2019

I have taught hundreds of people in person, but now I've expanded to online courses so that I may help many more.


Jirah teaching the TRIO student leaders

at Kutztown University 2019

In 2009, at the age of 25, I began studying Fashion Design at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. During my college years, I was afforded many opportunities to work and intern in the fashion industry at places like Anna Sui and Oscar De La Renta. I graduated a few years later and then decided to start my own clothing line.

I did that for a couple of years, but then I went back to my other love, music. However, I needed some extra cash to help pay for studio recording time. So I decided to teach a few people how to sew on the side. What started as a side hustle quickly turned into a passion and a business. I fell in love with helping others learn.

When I first started sewing by hand, at the age of 9, I didn't have anyone to show me the way. I had to figure out a lot by myself. In doing so, it has made me a versatile teacher. I can help the self-taught sewer and help those looking to learn the professional way as well. 

For others, I want to be the person that I needed when I started learning how to sew.

Learning how to sew can be intense for some, but I'm here to make it easier and fun by sharing my tips and tricks. I've even started creating my own pdf patterns that have video instructions instead of written. I did this because most people are visual learners and struggle with the written instructions.

My mission is to create tools and services that help others through any and all obstacles so that they may enjoy their sewing journey.