One-on-One (1 hour)

One-on-One (1 hour)

One-on-One private lessons are the most popular way to learn how to sew at Sewing With Jirah. During your lessons you'll receive undivided attention and custom sessions that go at your pace instead of the pace of a class, which can be too fast or too slow.


Contact us today to receive a free phone consultation to get started with your private lessons. The structure of these lessons will be further explained and any questions you may have will be answered. (484) 273-0919 

  • Terms and Conditions

    Private Lessons are non-refundable. If you have to miss your scheduled session, you are allowed one reschedule day. If you have to reschedule more than once, then you'll have to pay a $15 reschedule fee for each time that you reschedule or forfeit the lesson to make up for the many cancellations. We hate having to do this but there have been people abusing the free rescheduling option.